Lower Driveway by stream 



Flip it around...


2 driveways.

Lower driveway , yellow arrow, to right.

Stream bed. Bridge. Fruit trees. Has easements using road.
Possible future garden spot., green XXXX.. Big hill, Spot for Gazebo?!! G

Waterfall WF, ocean view to North...

The Bridge is right at the entrance to the first driveway.
Basically the start of the property, over the stream bed.

Wide Stream bed.
Will be interesting to see it when it rains!
Supposed to have water 7-9 months of the year...

Ok, so I'm not a photographer.... (well, not always perfect anyway...)

A few spots with standing water.
(A few mosquitos too)
Kind of like our own 7 Pools

Lots of Ginger growing... This is Torch Ginger...

From the driveway one can't really see the stream to the left,
which parallels the driveway.
Some fruit trees along road.. Bananas, citrus, guava...

Smells wonderful!

Some bananas and sugar cane already...

Neighbors house on left...

Right (north) of neighbors house

Bush Whacking

Gazebo Spot??

Top of Waterfall

Ocean view North

Far west end.....

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